Why Would You Choose ZipcodeXpress Package Smart Lockers?

August 20, 2018

People always ask the same question: among all these package smart locker providers, which company should I go with? What advantages and disadvantages does each brand have?

In a nutshell, ZipcodeXpress provides a total locker solution for the best affordable prices.

Key Advantages

Totally Customizable

As the manufacturer, we are capable of working with clients to customize any size, configuration, finish etc. Tell us your thoughts. We will make it happen for you!

Various Programs

Not only do we offer purchase and lease programs, but we also came up with the resident participation program. It’s a great option to enjoy our amazing package smart lockers for no charge to you. Sounds great, right? Contact us for more information.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back

First and only to offer this “100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back”. We are driven to keep our clients satisfied. You can either enjoy the system free of charge for a certain period or get your money back if you decide to cancel the service.

30%-50% Lower Than Competing Brands

As the manufacturer, we are able to cut the production cost drastically; plus, we are also the distributor, so no middle-man or sales markup involved. Therefore, our price is usually 30%-50% lower than competing brands.

Cloud Backstage Management and Reporting

• General/Income Report Generation

• Real Time System Status Remote Monitoring

• User/Membership Management

• Courier/Package Management

• Built-in Payment System

Total Solution for Any Locker Demand

From small up to oversized package lockers, refrigerated and frozen lockers, full-service laundry lockers, we provide the whole locker product line, offering you total locker solutions!

Best in Market Mobile App

• Both iOS and Android operating system

• Patent protected QR code scanner to retrieve packages

• Package management

• Wallet management

Total Comparison

Direct DistributorNoYes
Locker CustomizationNoYes, both hardware and software
Mobile AppMost noYes
App Advertising/MessagingNoYes
Voice InstructionNoYes
IC Card ScannerNoYes
Locker Opening Size3 or 5 size choices6 sizes including S, M, L, XL, XXL, Oversize
Package PickupInput pickup codeUse App to scan QR code or input pickup code
NotificationEmail, some support text message3-way notification via App, text, and email
Customer ServiceRemote24/7
Backstage Management SystemMost noYes
ProgramsPurchasePurchase, Lease, tenant pay participation
Mail-out OptionMost noYes
Shipment Charge$$$Actual 3rd party shipment invoice
All Weather CapabilityNoYes
Custom WrapMost noYes
Refrigerated lockersMost noYes

Creative and Experienced Management Team

ZipcodeXpress was founded by a team of creative entrepreneurs. They’ve been very successful in their previous businesses. Their goal is to provide you with the best of breed package smart locker system in the industry while delivering the customers a secure and low-cost logistics delivery service for their busy lifestyle. Simply put, our dedicated ZipcodeXpress management team would like to join your team to deliver your customers the NEXT level premier first-class customer experience.

Visit us at www.ZipcodeXpress.com or call 1.800.883.9662

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