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Dual Temperature Control System

Dual-compressor to achieve dual-temperature control that multi-zone temperature control becomes available.

Low Energy Consumption

Low energy design with dual compressor bottom setup. Only one third of energy consumption of other similar products in the market.

iACC Radar Temperature Sensing

iACC radar monitors the temperature of all locker units at any time, and realizes remote temperature control for any temperature adjustment.

One Year Compressor Warranty

The whole machine is warrantied for 1 year, and the compressor is free of replacement for 1 year.


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Plasma Sterilization Technology

Plasma sterilization technology, patent application, sterilization and no residue, eliminating refrigerator accidents

Axial Flow Dynamic Fan

Enjoy cold air treatment with direct cooling, the maximum temperature difference of the whole machine does not exceed ±1 °C

Double Layer Environmental Protection Liner

Double-layer HIPS liner complying with European ROHS environmental protection directive.

High-elastic airbag door sealing technology

Reducing the gap between the door and the box, tightly locking the cold, energy-saving insulation

Self-contained Power Door-shut Design

The industry's first self-contained power door-shut design, patented motor lock design and so on