Current Problems

  • Office staff, students are sharing tools, equipment or devices, but don’t know the availability, and who is now possessing them, and when they can borrow.  So tools and equipment can not be used efficiently, cost more money for companies or schools to buy more.
  • Cost of labor to management the check-in and check-out of the tools and parts.
  • No data of the utilization of the tools so to affect the budgeting to buy.
  • Customers would like to rent tools when all stores are closed in the nights or holidays.
  • Rental stores would like to generate more revenue yet don’t want to pay extra labor fees.


  • Free up staff to for tools, parts and equipment management
  • Be able to track all the tools and equipment usage, and the people who are using them.
  • Collect all the data of the utilization, so to improve the efficiency and save the cost
  • Tools rental becomes so easy. Operate like a vending machine, customers only need to swipe their cards and pick up the tools you like.
  • All transactions are managed by our tool rental locker system, which you can oversee via our cloud management system.


Tools rental becomes so easy!

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Home Depot/Lowe's
Tool Rental Business