We are always drive to develop the best technologies possible for our dear clients. Your convenience and satisfaction is our goal!

Cell Phone App

Android and iOS cell phone both available, very user friendly. Property management is able to post notification and ads via this amazing App. Download to know more!

IC Card Reader

Property managers scan IC card to log in to manage all parcel lockers at the touchscreen. We also provide a Locker Admin code for managers. Locker management becomes easy!

QR Code Scanner

ZipcodeXpress is the first and only package locker company to provide such cool and fun feature. Recipients can simply retrieve packages by scanning QR code via cell phone App.

Access Code Login

You can either scan the QR code or input access code to login. The access code will be sent to you 3 WAYS via email, text messaging and your cell phone App. No notification delay at all.


Various Locker Sizes

6 lockers opening sizes including S, M, L, XL, XXL and oversize. No matter irregular shaped packages or oversized packages, our locker can "swallow" them all! Plus we can always add an add-on unit per your request!

Video Surveillance Camera

24/7 security surveillance camera. High definition motion captured videos with both audio and picture. Provides 48 hours play-back. Cell phone App live surveillance available.

In Case You Haven't Seen This

See how our package locker will benefit you!

ZipcodeXpress Package Smart Locker Cell Phone App
ZipcodeXpress Package Smart Locker Cell Phone App

"The App is just amazing! I scan that QR code every time I come to pick up my packages. See today I got two packages within 1 second."

John, user of Zippora Package Smart Locker 10006

Why Would You Choose ZipcodeXpress Package Smart Lockers?

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As a property manager, do you feel your precious time is wasted everyday to sign and manage packages?

As a resident, have you ever lost your packages or unable to retrieve them after office hours?

Zippora is here to solve all the problems!

Office Center

As a property manager, do you feel the property is not secured when carriers visit offices to deliver packages?

As an employee, are you concerned about your privacy when colleagues sign packages for you?

Zippora is here to solve all the problems!

School Campus

As a school faculty, do you feel tedious to handle tons of packages every day for all the teachers and students?

As a student, do you often have food delivered to campus yet you are right in the middle of a class?

Zippora is here to solve all the problems!

Grocery Store

As a store manager, don’t you think you are spending too much time on helping customers to pickup their groceries?

As a grocery shopper, do you feel you have wasted too much time on pushing a shopping cart around and waiting to pay?

Zippora is here to solve all the problems!


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