No budgeting hassel

As there is no cost for you, you just provide the location to install, we get it installed and you can start using the lockers for the benefit of all your tenants and your staff. (*shipping fee may be charged according to location)

What are included?

we provide all equipment, including award winning IOS and Android applications,cloud services, reporting and management software. Also insurance to the locker. No liability to you!

What do you need to do?

Location: for locker installation. In-room or outside with awning and flat concrete slab.
Power: an electricity outlet to provide power to the locker.
Internet: Wired or WIFI with strong and reliable signal

Tenants download our APP from app store

Tenants to download our app "zipcodeXpress" from app store, register through the app, select their Unit in the apartment.

Property Management Approves

Property manager verifies tenant information and approve by just a click. They tenant is ready to receive the package from lockers. Easy to do. If tenants move out, they just remove themselves from the app, all done!

What else?

We provide all necessary admin tools for property manager to manage the lockers, even in unexpected situation, like power outrage, internet down, wrong delivery, etc..

Our Clients -- all love our package locker


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Reference Available