Founder & CEO

Richard is the true technology veteran for more than 20 years. He used to worked at Compaq, Siebel Systems holding high technical position; later VP & GM of Enterprise Solutions at Vanceinfo, Practice director of Oracle consulting in North Asia, VP of China at Capgemini Consulting, and COO at ATMU. Founded 2 companies previously and were M&A by other companies. ZipcodeXpress is his new startup targeting to resolve "last mile" delivery issue and revolutionize the modern logistics industry. He received the MBA degree from UC, Irvine in 1999;



Senior Partner

Graduated with doctorate in thermal engineering from Tsinghua University in 1996 in China. Later worked at China Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd as vice president, proficient in electric power technology. In 2002, started multiple electric power and communication technical service companies. Services include power system testing, power plant operation optimization, environmental and new energy engineering, and communication power technology. Years of being a General Manager and Chairman in large companies has allowed him to acquire great entrepreneurial and operational experience. Moved to Austin Texas aiming to bring innovative technologies to U.S. families.